Test Series - New Zealand A v Pakistan A - Domestic First ClassDecember 16, 2020 - December 19, 2020
63.6Butt to M Rae208/10
Catch OUT. OUT! Caught. Amad Butt to Michael Rae. Length ball, flick, mis-timed in the air uncontrolled to mid wicket, by Alam.
61.3Butt to N Smith200/9
Catch OUT. OUT! Caught. Amad Butt to Nathan Smith. Back of a length, cutting, Edged to wicketkeeper, by Nazir.
47.1Shah to M Henry158/8
44.6Abbas to M Rippon148/7
36.4Shah to C Fletcher128/6
31.4Shah to M Bracewell113/5
29.5Shah to J Carter108/4
16.1Shah to K McClure42/3
15.4Butt to R Ravindra42/2
1.2Khan to H Cooper2/1
Max favourites reached
Max favourites reached