The Hundred - The Hundred Men - Domestic The HundredAugust 14
Domestic The Hundred (Match 14)
Oval Invincibles
Southern Brave
( 16.2 overs )
( 20 overs )
Oval Invincibles Men win by 7 wickets
10.5Fuller to S Billings74/3
Catch OUT. OUT! Caught. James Fuller to Sam Billings. Length ball, outside off stump on the front foot driving, mis-timed in the air uncontrolled to mid off, caught by Vince. Billings finds the safe hands of Vince.
7.4R Rossouw57/2
Run OUT. OUT! Run Out. James Fuller to Rilee Rossouw. Length ball, outside off stump no foot movement cutting, to extra cover, direct hit by David. David hits the bulls-eye!
0.2Garton to J Roy1/1
Clean Bowled. OUT! Bowled. George Garton to Jason Roy. In-swinging length ball, off stump on the front foot driving, missed. Jason Roy's poor form continues.
Max favourites reached
Max favourites reached